About Me

Hi, I’m Breezy and this is my dog, Mate!

I’m from California, I love to go camping, hang out with my dog Mate (he’s an Australian Shepherd), watch Hockey & Baseball and cook! I am a digital marketer by day as I co-own a digital marketing agency, I have a hockey related podcast and I am always looking for new recipes to try! I primarily love working with the smoker and grill, but also throw some things together in the kitchen as well mix up a few cocktails!

In early 2019 I switched over to the Low Carb/Keto (or dirty keto if you will) diet, as I always struggled with heavy foods. But I didn’t want to sacrifice the food I love most, which is BBQ. I will always try to take a recipe and modify it for my needs – in which you will be seeing on this site.

My passion for BBQ comes from my love of the South and the way they cook food. My favorite place in the whole entire world is Nashville, TN. A lot of my cooking is Tennessee inspired, from dishes, flavors and hints of whiskey notes. I never throw the smoker or grill on without some honky tonk music playing or a beer in my hand!

So before you get too far into this, note I am not a professional chef, I do not have any culinary experience nor have I been professionally trained.

Two things you should know right off the bat. I LOVE flavor – everything I cook has a lot of seasonings! Two, I primarily cook low carb/keto friendly meals. But don’t worry, they’re packed full of flavor and are always pretty easy to make!

So if you eat food, take a peek and hopefully you’ll see something you’ll want to try.

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