Loaded Tots

What you’ll need:
– 1 pack of frozen tater tots
– 1 cup of your favorite shredded cheese
– 1 cup of bacon bits
– 3 sliced green onions
– Meat Church Honey Hog (you can also use your go-to seasoning salt)

A great appetizer for any event, really! Super easy and always a hit!

– Air fry your tater tots at 400 for roughly 10 minutes (depending on how many tots you add and how big your air fryer is).
– Season your tots with Meat Church Honey Hog as they come out of the air fryer
– Layer your tots to the bottom of your dish, cover with your favorite shredded cheese (you can also add in some queso dip!) and bacon bits
– Repeat process until all your tots and cheese has been used up.
– Top with your favorite topping, ranch, sour cream, guac and top with green onions

I recommend using ranch as a drizzle and top with sour cream and/or guac for the perfect bite.

Must try for a quick easy appetizer! Your guests will keep going back for more!

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