Savory Bacon Wrapped Pickle Chips

This is by far the easiest recipe and a perfect appetizer to get the taste buds flowing.

What you’ll need: (makes about 30 bites)

Dill pickle chips

1 pound bacon

Favorite savory seasoning

Start by cutting your bacon in half. Take your half piece and lay it down, add a pickle chip (larger ones work better than smaller, plan ahead of time) in the center then fold both sides on top. Lay flap side down and repeat. Once all your pickles are wrapped (or you run out of bacon) season the top with your favorite savory seasoning – I used Kosmos Dirty Bird – and throw in your smoker or over for about 45 minutes at 275°

Once the bacon is cooked to your liking, pull off and it’s ready to dip in ranch and eat!

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