Pulled Pork BBQ Ranch Salad

Pork Butt (or Pork Shoulder) is the easiest thing to make, but time consuming. You will want to cook your Pork Butt for about an hour and a half per pound. Lets start

I do it a very non-traditional way, but it comes out super tender and really flavorful. To prep, make sure you have a tin pan and put your pork butt in and season all sides with your favorite seasoning, leaving the fat side up. I season mine with Dirty Bird from Kosmos which I will link below. I prefer to season mine about 12-24 hours prior to putting on the smoker.

Pull your pork butt out of the fridge about an hour prior to putting on the smoker to get about room temperature. Now here’s where it gets non-traditional. I add in water to the bottom of the pan and cover completely with foil so the meat gets steamed from the inside out for the first 5 hours. Make sure there is no rips, tears or holes in the foil.

Set your smoker to 275 and throw this bad boy on the smoker and do not lift the lid for 5 hours. Making sure the temperature doesn’t go above or below 5 degrees of 275.

After 5 hours, remove the foil carefully with some heat resistant gloves and turn your smoker to “smoke” for about an hour so the meat can get a nice smokey flavor to it and get a little bit of a crust.

After this hour, remove your pork butt carefully with heat resistant gloves and drain the juice at the bottom of the pan.

Now it’s resting time. Let your pork butt rest for at least 1 hour. The tendons and muscles will need to release during this time to get the most tender. It’s worth the wait, I promise. After the hour – shred away!

I’ve made multiple meals with this recipe, it’s great as a sandwich, in a low carb tortilla (if you’re low carb) or even as a salad, which is what I love to do. For my salad, I have a sweet butter lettuce mixture, with Maries Ranch dressing, mozzarella cheese, red onion and top with pulled pork. You can add your favorite BBQ sauce if you’d like.

Seasoning used: Kosmos Dirty Bird

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