Kickin’ Tri Tip

What you’ll need:
– Tri Tip
– Cooking oil of choice
– Sasquatch BBQ Moss Seasoning (linked below)
– Kosmos Q Cow Cover Seasoning (linked below)
– Smoker

I recommend seasoning and marinating your tri tip overnight, up to 24 hours prior to cooking for best flavor. However, you can season it for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking and have great flavor as well. Make sure your tri tip is almost room temperature before seasoning, or else the flavors will not absorb correctly.

Once to room temp-ish (make sure it’s still a little cold) Cover your tri tip all over with a light layer of oil. I prefer grape seed oil. Once covered, season your tri tip with the Kosmos Cow Cover seasoning, covering completely. Then do the same with the Sasquatch BBQ Moss seasoning, covering completely. Cover with foil or with a lid and set in the fridge.

Once you are ready to cook, pull your tri tip out of the fridge and get back to room temp, allow about 45 minutes or so for it to get to room temp.

Set your smoker to 225 and let get to temperature.
Set your tri tip directly on the grill until desired internal temperature.
(remember once you pull your tri tip off to rest, it’ll continue to cook a bit [about 2-5 degrees more] so pull off accordingly.

Let rest for about 20-30 minutes.

Once well rested – slice your tri tip against the grain for a more tender bite.

Seasonings Used:
Sasquatch BBQ Moss Herb Rub
Kosmos Q Cow Cover BBQ Rub

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