Smokey Mountain Tri Tip

What you’ll need:
– Tri Tip (Trimmed, or trim yourself)
– Oil (I prefer Avocado Oil)
– Your favorite seasonings
– Butter
– Smoker
– Butchers paper/foil

I like to season and marinade my tri tips overnight, with a simple oil coating and my favorite seasonings. Here I uses avocado oil, rubbed a light layer all over then topped with Sasquatch BBQ rub and Tennessee Smoke Seasoning (I’ll link both seasonings below). Put into a marinating dish, covered with foil and threw in the fridge. This probably marinated for a good 18 hours.

I knew I wanted to eat around 5pm, so I pulled the tri tip out of the fridge around 11am to get to room temperature. Be sure it’s not too hot outside or in the house, you don’t want this to be warm when you put on the grill, the meat will start to turn bad. You want it to have a slight chill to it still when you put on the grill for a more even cook.

Oil up your grill slightly with your oil, this helps it not stick completely when you put on the grill. Set on it nicely and try not to drag it and rub off the seasonings. It’s best to put on with your hand rather than tongs to keep the seasonings on as well.

This tri tip was rather small, so you’ll want to cook this for about an hour and a half to two hours (depending on your desired temp, and size of your tri tip.) at about a 220-225 degree smoke. You want to make sure you don’t go above or below 3-5 degrees during the cook, or else this will make it an uneven cook. Watch the smoker and the temp, crack a beer or pull yourself a cocktail to relax and enjoy.

At about the hour and 15 minute mark, check on your tri tip to make sure it’s looking nice and colorful. You can take the temp from here, poke in from the side to reserve as much internal juice as possible. Or you can poke with your finger to determine the estimated temp and internal coloring.

I prefer my tri tip a nice medium rare – noting this, I pull my tri tip off after about an hour and a half (again, depending on the desired internal temp and size of your tri tip). Once I pull it off, I wrap tightly in butchers paper to keep the juices in and let it steam in it’s own moisture during the cool off period. Take note not to open and check on this while it’s wrapped, or else you’ll let out the moisture. While it’s wrapped, it will continue to cook a bit, keep this in mind when pulling off your tri tip to get your desired temp. Leave wrapped for about 45 minutes, remove wrap then start to slice. Slice against the grain for a more tender slice.

For added flavor, I like to melt down butter and add in the Sasquatch BBQ Moss seasoning and pour over my slice of tri tip – you can thank me later!

Seasonings Used:
Sasquatch BBQ | Moss | Herb Rub
Derek Wolf | Tennessee Smoke | BBQ Rub

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