Savory Tender Smoked Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are generally a very tough piece of meat, but absorbs a lot of flavor making it very tasty. To tenderize the meat, you’ll want to do a flash cook at a high temp to crisp up the outside, then reduce the heat to cook internally for best results.  

What you’ll need:
– Beef Ribs
– Apple Juice (or another sweet liquid)
– Spray Bottle (to spray the meat)
– Your favorite seasonings – a spicy/smokey flavor is always a good choice for ribs

Set your beef ribs out for about 20 minutes to get to room temperature. 

Spray all sides with Apple Juice then season both sides and the top with your favorite seasoning(s). No need to season the bottom of the ribs, as it’s just bone. 

For these, I used Miners Mix Memphis & XXX-Garlic seasonings. 

Set your smoker to “smoke” for a good 5-10 minutes before turning the heat up to 325°F.

The key is to have it hot enough to crisp up the fat on the meat, but low enough to render it for a tender rib. 

Spray the ribs one more time to make sure they’re nice and moist before putting on your smoker. You’re going to smoke these for 10 minutes at 325° then reduce the heat to 180° so the average temp is about 190°-200° to render the fat and tenderize the meat. 

Spray the ribs with your apple juice about every 20-25 minutes to keep moist. The juice will add a nice sweet hint to your smokey seasonings while allowing the sugars to caramelize on the meat a bit. 

Once to desired temp – (my preference is medium rare with an internal temp is 130°) pull off and let rest.The meat will continue to cook for the next 5 minutes or so while it rests, so take this into consideration when to pull off. 

For added flavor you can top with your favorite BBQ sauce while it’s on the smoker (last 5 minutes to let get sticky) or after, whichever you prefer. 

Pair with your favorite side dish and drink of choice – I threw some fresh green beans tossed with salt & pepper and garlic lovers (flavor god) on the smoker and cracked a Coors Light. 

Seasonings used on the Ribs:
Miners Mix Maynards Memphis
Miners Mix XXX-Garlic


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